Add user columns to network users view in WordPress Multisite

It is incredible how little information there is on regarding the users page on a WP network install. This user’s view can be used for a variety of purposes depending on your website’s structure. For example, if you use wp multisite … Continue reading

Multilingual press switcher for your theme header

If you have multilingual press installed on your multisite you can have a selector or switcher showing on your header by using the following function: mlp_show_linked_elements(); In fact, you can have this function to show either text or a flag, … Continue reading

Learn how to do a wordpress multisite installation

How to add multisite for your wordpress installation in a few steps Doing the wordpress multisite installation is fairly easy.  It only consist on a few steps and if you’re clear on what you’re doing it should be as straight … Continue reading

Why it makes sense to set subdomain on a wordpress multisite

wordpress multisite dashboard

A wordpress multisite subdomain configuration allows you to have multiple blogs or sites under the same domain but on separated sub domains.  For example, a typlical wordpress multisite subdomain configuration would be like this: Site 1: Site 2: Site 3: … Continue reading