Learn how to do a wordpress multisite installation

How to add multisite for your wordpress installation in a few steps Doing the wordpress multisite installation is fairly easy.  It only consist on a few steps and if you’re clear on what you’re doing it should be as straight … Continue reading

Why it makes sense to set subdomain on a wordpress multisite

wordpress multisite dashboard

A wordpress multisite subdomain configuration allows you to have multiple blogs or sites under the same domain but on separated sub domains.  For example, a typlical wordpress multisite subdomain configuration would be like this: http://www.moreabout.com Site 1: http://moreabout.com Site 2: http://learn.moreabout.com Site 3: … Continue reading

Configure a sharing bar on your wordpress posts

  Sharing has become easier than ever with the Jetpack plugin for WordPress. You can now forget about trying to edit your single.php code to get a share bar on your theme.  Jetpack comes with a preinstalled share bar that … Continue reading