Render your posts with a custom format using Jetpack’s infinite scroller

Jetpack’s infinite scroller uses the content.php file by default to render new posts that are being loaded when the user scrolls down. This is what most of developers need in almost any scenario, nevertheless if you’re using a custom html … Continue reading

How to get rid of the .infinite-wrap in Jetpack’s Infinite Scroller for WordPress

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Add user columns to network users view in WordPress Multisite

It is incredible how little information there is on regarding the users page on a WP network install. This user’s view can be used for a variety of purposes depending on your website’s structure. For example, if you use wp multisite … Continue reading

Be careful with W3 Total Cache when migrating to a new domain

WordPress has made very easy to migrate a complete site to a new domain.  It is just a matter of defining define(‘RELOCATE’,true); on your wp-confing.php and moving all files to the new domain server. Nevertheless, some plugins are not catching up as fast … Continue reading

Google Analytics Events getting Spam: “to use this feature visit: EVENT-TRACKING.COM”

It could sound incredible, but someone has figured out a way to Spam Events inside Google Analytics.   This new technique is nothing out of the ordinary and extremely simple, but seems nobody had though about it before: “to use this feature … Continue reading

Photoshop for Developers – Remove a white background

You can easily remove white backgrounds from an image without having to know a lot of photoshop. First thing, select the layer you want to edit (if you don’t know how, read this quick tip to select a layer in photoshop). After … Continue reading